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ATTENTION: Due to the Stage 4 lockdown in Victoria, only the most recent issues of Renew and Sanctuary will be available in print. Back issues will be available only as PDF for the duration of the lockdown. Please be patient with delivery times as we adapt to new procedures.

Looking for advice on making your home more sustainable? Trying to find the perfect present for someone who is green-aware? Purchase from Renew with the assurance that all proceeds will be used to research, educate and advocate for a sustainable future. And as an added bonus, Renew members receive a discount on many products.

**Renew member or subscriber living overseas? Please note, only electronic versions of Renew and Sanctuary magazines are now available to addresses outside of Australia.**

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Renew memberships and subscriptions provide inspiration and advice all year long. Renew advice service is perfect for someone who is about to renovate or build, thinking about purchasing solar, batteries, going off grid, or want to lower energy bills.

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Help Renew bring clean, renewable lighting to remote communities in Timor-Leste.  All donations of $2 or more to Renew’s Renewable Energy Development Fund are tax-deductible and you can download a gift card if you are giving as a gift.

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