About Us

Established in 1980, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation promoting sustainable technology and practice. The ATA exists to connect, inspire and assist the growing community of people choosing new and emerging sustainable technology and practices in the home.

The ATA’s strength is our capacity to draw on more than thirty years’ experience in providing practical, effective and unbiased advice to households. Our knowledge encompasses designing and retrofitting homes for energy efficiency, household renewable energy and water harvesting for the home and garden. The ATA provides inspiration and how-to resources for thousands of people, enabling them to live sustainably, comfortably and cost-effectively.

We have 5500 members and branches across Australia and in New Zealand.

We advocate to governments and industry for easy access to green technology as well as continual improvement of the technology, information and products needed to change the way we all live.

The ATA also publishes two market-leading sustainable living magazines, ReNew: technology for a sustainable future and Sanctuary: modern green homes.

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