The thermostat that thinks for you

Nest Smart Thermostat

Nest Smart Thermostat

With energy costs soaring around the country, everyone is looking for ways to save energy and reduce their bills.

Former Apple designer Tony Fadell decided to put his experience to good use and came up with the Nest thermostat.

Unlike other thermostats, the Nest is a smart device that learns your habits. It keeps an eye open using its inbuilt activity sensors to see if anyone is home, and if the house is empty it reduces or shuts off the heating or cooling to reduce energy use.

As you would expect from a smart device, the Nest features a secure wi-fi connection that not only lets you control it from a smart phone, tablet or PC, but also allows Nest to check weather forecasts and so learn how the outdoor conditions affect your energy use.

The Nest takes about a week to learn your usage habits and will then control your home’s climate control system while constantly adapting to any changes in behaviour.

Other features include a clever display to provide easy to understand feedback, three temperature and one humidity sensor, the ability to store energy use data, automatic software updates and a host of other features.

The only downside at the moment is it is not yet available in Australia, but you can easily purchase it via a freight forwarding service.

RRP: US$249. For more information, go to