ATA Members

How do I ensure I get my ATA member discount?

All ATA members have an account on this webshop if you have supplied us with your email address. Simply log in using your email address and your password before checking out and your ATA membership discount will be automatically applied.

If you have forgotten your password or need to set one up to login for the first time you can do this using the Reset your password function below the login boxes. If you have not advised us of your email address, or are not sure which one we have on file for you, please call or email us to check.

Has my ATA membership been granted?

All membership purchases are processed by ATA admin staff before being updated on the webshop, so there may be a delay. However, if you buy an ATA membership through the webshop the appropriate discount will immediately be applied to any other products you purchase on that order.

How do I download a PDF copy of Sanctuary or ReNew magazine?

ATA members get access to free PDF copies of all issues of Sanctuary and/or ReNew (depending on your membership type). Also some eBooks are free for members too. To access them:

  1. Log in – this is important as this is how we identify you qualify for the discount!
  2. Go to the magazine/eBook you are interested in and add it to your cart – make sure you select PDF under Paper or PDF if there is that option
  3. Check out, as per normal, and you’ll see that there’s nothing to pay for the PDF
  4. Complete the order: you’ll see a link to the PDF you requested

You can add as many PDFs to your cart as you like.