Sundaya T-lite 2 light solar kit

Simple solar lighting

Sometimes all you want is a simple solar lighting system without the hassle of wiring up batteries, regulators and the like.

Sundaya is known for its plug-and-play solar lighting kits, and the Ulitium 200 kits fit in that range. The kits consist of an LED-based lamp that has an inbuilt lithium battery and charge controller, so no external battery or controller is needed. You just connect any DC voltage source of 18 to 24 volts and the system is complete. This makes them perfect for use with standard 12 volt nominal solar panels.

Because the lights use LEDs, they are very efficient and only a small solar panel is needed. For example, a 3-watt panel will provide up to six hours of light per day on the high setting. The lamps have three brightness settings— 240, 120 and 25 lumens—making them a lot brighter than many similar small LED lights.

The Ulitium system is almost infinitely expandable, with extra cables and connection hubs available.

If you wish to use an external battery instead, you can buy the Ulitium lamps without the internal battery—they are called Ulita lamps and have the same light output specifications and use the same cabling system.

Available from RPC.