Efficient Hot Water Booklet Ed. 7

Efficient Hot Water – new edition

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This ever-popular booklet provides a thorough yet concise overview of energy efficient hot water systems.

This booklet is available as a PDF download or a print copy.

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Product Description

Publication date June 2017
This new edition of our popular booklet helps you plan your hot water system. With updated and expanded content, this edition looks at how to use household solar and GreenPower to run efficient electric systems such as heat pumps, as well as what to consider when selecting a solar thermal system, commonly referred to as solar hot water.

In it you will find all the information you need before installing a system including:

  • Heat pumps, direct PV/PV diversion and solar hot water considerations
  • How they work and system components
  • Installation and maintenance tips
  • Retrofit ideas
  • Sizing and tank advice
  • Rebates, standards and greenhouse savings
  • Plus a new section on choosing the right system.

This is a pdf booklet that can be downloaded on purchase.

Published by the Alternative Technology Association
ISBN 978-0-9578895-0-7
88 pages

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