Power Mate 15A


A high quality Australian made and approved portable energy meter

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Product Description

This meter will not plug into a standard 10 amp wall socket. The meter comes with both a 15 amp plug and socket which have a larger earth pin.

The Power Mate consists of a hand-held meter which can be connected to the appliance it is measuring via a simple 15A piggyback plug and socket set. The meter features an LED display for easy reading and high visibility at all times.

The meter can tell you a variety of measurements including: power in watts, voltage and current. The meter can tell you the minimum, maximum as well as instantaneous readings.

The meter can also tell you: cost of running the appliance, how much energy the appliance used in kilowatt-hours and how many kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions it produced. All in hourly, yearly, quarterly and accumulated figures.

The Power-Mate appeared on the
ABC-tv New Inventors program.



  • Accuracy: All ranges less than 1% error (typically below 0.5%)
  • Load: 3.6kW continuous (15Amps@240Volts)
  • Measured Current: Up to 18A
  • Connections: 15A plug and socket


Click here to download the User Manual in PDF format (450Kb).


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