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Renew Issue 149

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Spring issue – Recycling issue, including cladding buyers guide

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This issue is our recycling special, and we dive into several waste management issues, including reducing construction waste, solar PV and battery recycling, and rehoming potted plants. We also present our first-ever cladding buyers guide, with an introduction to the available options and things to consider when deciding how to clad your home. In a ‘post-winter wrap’, we learn about two households that compared the efficiency and comfort of different heating systems over several years and can now present their results. And we analyse how to offset EV energy use, look at the off-grid implications of solar PV oversizing and present a DIY on insulating cathedral ceilings—plus much more.

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Issue Contents:

Issue 149 is hot off the press and full of advice on how to clad your house and reduce waste. As part of our recycling focus, we investigate how industries like construction and hairdressing are aiming for sustainability. This issue also includes a guide to appliance shopping, two multi-year experiments in efficient heating and updates on where Australia is heading with electric vehicles.

Renew 149 has a special focus on recycling and cladding. Inside you’ll find:

Special features: Recycling and cladding

  • Cladding buyers guide

    Need to reclad or planning for a new build? Our guide shows you the available options and the features to look for.

  • Cladding case studies x 4

    Different homes, different materials, different aesthetics.

  • Building without waste

    Sophie Weiner examines the problem of construction site waste and what we can do about it.

  • Planning for waste management

    How one green collective has successfully reduced waste on their building projects.

  • Solar panel and battery recycling

    What happens to solar energy products when they reach their end of lives?

  • Recycling (potted) plants

    Unsaleable plants are often tossed. We check out a rescue nursery that aims to change that.

  • Sustainable salons

    Salons produce a lot of waste, but there is a steady move towards recycling.

Other articles

  • Appliance buying guide

    When an appliance goes bang there is often an immediate response to go out and buy a replacement. Lance Turner shows you what to consider when looking for a new appliance.

  • A tale of three winters

    It’s possible to live without heating, but if you use it, what’s the best option? Jenny Edwards runs a three-year experiment on her own Canberra home to find out.

  • Hydronic versus air con

    We look at a Melbourne home that has two heating systems and see which works best.

  • Oversizing for off grid

    When sizing an off-grid energy system, which is better: oversizing the solar array or the battery bank? GSES examines this issue and presents some interesting results.

  • Offsetting EV energy at home

    A recent Renew study explores to what extent solar PV and energy storage can offset an EV’s grid energy usage and bills.

  • Replacing all your fossil miles

    Our regular writer Bryce Gaton explains why he’s just bought his first-ever new car, a Hyundai Kona electric vehicle.

  • EV update

    In this latest update we see how quickly things are changing overseas, while Australia still waits for its EV moment.

  • DIY insulating raked ceilings

    James Stapledon explains how he insulated the ceilings in his home to greatly improve thermal performance.