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In Renew 156, there’s an in-depth, multi-part feature on Renew’s project to help bushfire-affected households rebuild sustainably, the Green Rebuild Toolkit; a buyers guide on EVSEs (EV chargers, basically); a detailed look at the proposal that underlies the “solar tax” headlines; The Australia Institute’s Rod Campbell on the climate wars; an investigation into why bike-share schemes just don’t seem to work in Australia, and what the future might hold for such programs; our regular recycling series, which looks at glass this issue; a personal experience of how to deal with solar exports being limited by voltage issues; Bryce Gaton on how safety is paramount when working on EVs; a new prize; our regular member profile, crossword, news, products and Q&A sections; and… more!

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In Renew 156, we look at the growing problem of e-waste, alternatives to the great Aussie lawn, the pollution timebomb caused by microfibres, site planning for bushfire risk, the etiquette of owning an EV and understanding EV range, plus two solar DIY projects.

Inside you’ll find:


Special feature: Green Rebuild Toolkit

A special feature on Renew’s project to help bushfire-affected households rebuild sustainably. Includes:
• From the ground up: An overview of how to choose sustainable, fire-resistant building materials.
• Insuring fairness: Industry expert Jeffrey Moss on why we need a new, fairer model for bushfire insurance.
• Finding the right rebuild team: A rundown on what qualifications and experience to look for in designers, builders and tradespeople.
• One essential step: Mallacoota resident and activist Dr Tricia Hiley on the remote town’s efforts towards energy resilience.

It’s not a tax

Renew’s Dean Lombard looks beyond the headlines and into the details around the much-discussed AEMC proposal on new solar regulations.

The climate wars are here…

…whether we like it or not! The Australia Institute’s Rod Campbell on how we didn’t start the fire, but we’re going to fight it, etc.

On yer bike

Why don’t bike-sharing schemes work in Australia? And what does the future hold?

Splendour in the glass

Our series on Australia’s recycling industries continues. This issue: glass!

Buyers Guide – charging forward

Our comprehensive buyers guide turns its attention toward EVSEs — or EV chargers, as they’re often known.

Other articles

Solar exports, limited

Former Renew energy analyst Kate Leslie’s personal experience of dealing with voltage issues limiting her solar exports.

Not just rubber gloves

Bryce Gaton on the fact that if you’re going to work on an EV, you absolutely must know what you’re doing.

…plus our member prize (An Earthworker-Reclaim heat pump hot water system worth $5000, thanks to the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative); our regular member profile; Alan Pears on internet energy sensationalism; Dean Lombard on how electric houses are just as efficient in WA as they are over east; and more!