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In Renew 157, there’s an in-depth look at the world of electric vehicles and why they are the future of personal transport, including a buyers guide; a look at the proposed updates to the National Construction Code; The interesting world that is Indigenous foods; The problem of invasive species, and how eating them can be a great solution; The recycling of organic waste; A greatly expanded Sustainable House Day; The Renew Toowoomba branch Electric Vehicle and E-Bike Expo; our regular member profile, crossword, news, products and Q&A sections; and… more!

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Issue Contents:

In Renew 157, we look at the future of personal transport – electric vehicles, where we are with wave power, the wonders of Indigenous foods, a solution to invasive species, the National Construction Code and it’s imminent review, Renew’s Sustainable House Day, and one Renew branch’s very successful EV and e-bike expo.

Inside you’ll find:


Special feature: EVs for newbies

A special feature all about electric vehicles. Includes:
• Everything you wanted to know about EVs
• EV charging – how do you do it?
• Busting some EV myths
• Includes EV buyers guide

Cracking the code

The National Construction Code is finally up for review—and Renew’s Rob McLeod and Ajay Hooda have been busy modelling the proposed changes’ economic implications.

From little things…

Larissa Dubrowsky-Ryan on one of the many, many casualties of European colonialism in Australia: the rich, diverse history and culture of Indigenous food.

We must eat the alien invaders!

Farida Iqbal proposes a startlingly simple answer to the question of invasive species: can we just eat the damn things? Also: Lovecraftian horror comes to Renew.

Going organic

The most excellent Jodie Lea Martire turns her recycling-related attention to organic matter—and, in doing so, learns a new euphemism for shit.

Other articles

Sustainable House Day

It’s here again, folks—and this year it’s bigger and better than ever.

Toowoomba Electric Vehicle and E-Bike Expo

Mark Tranter—the convenor of Renew’s Toowoomba branch—reports on the success of the city’s recent EV and Electric Bike Expo.

…plus our member prize (An Earthworker-Reclaim heat pump hot water system worth $5000, thanks to the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative); our regular member profile; Alan Pears on the gas transition debate; Dr Portia Odell on how councils can take up the fight against climate change; and more!