Sanctuary Issue 40


Take a look inside Sanctuary 40

  • 170 open homes: Sustainable House Day 2017 standout designs profiled
  • Windows in the frame
  • Live in 9.8 Star comfort
  • Tips for selecting eco materials
  • Container with style
  • Passive House on a budget
  • Stormwater gardening
  • Strawbale house with solar batteries
  • Limestone beauty in Fremantle
  • Construction without waste, it can be done!
  • 21 years of solar: pioneers tell all
  • Spectacular sub-tropical renovation
  • Urban agriculture: bringing food production back to the city

Sanctuary is Australia’s only magazine dedicated to sustainable house design.

Sanctuary is published by the Alternative Technology Association, a not-for-profit organisation that enables, represents and inspires people to live sustainably in their homes and communities.

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Issue contents:

  • Shipshape retreat

    How four salvaged shipping containers were transformed into a stylish getaway on NSW’s south coast.

  • Brisbane’s green jewel

    A subtropical renovation that not only brings the outside in but converts a disused pool into a hydronic heating/cooling system.

  • Home with heart

    Owner-built with an eye to comfort, this passive solar designed home is made from salvaged and recycled materials, and features an innovative whole-block water harvesting system.

  • A home for life

    Metro Melbourne’s first certified Passive House sets out to prove high performing housing can be achieved on a tight budget.

  • Strawbale in the suburbs

    Cosy and gas-free! An Adelaide household even runs its electric car on a solar + battery system.

  • Sailing on land

    By combining advanced sustainable tech with local materials, a pair of owner builders ensure their new-old house blends with an historic Fremantle neighbourhood.

  • Simple success story

    Light and sunny, this perfectly compact Tasmanian home and office gets good results with natural materials.

  • Ultimate payoff

    Wondering what 9.8 Stars feels like? Check out this super-efficient house near Canberra that’s almost bill-free thanks to dedicated clients and their design and build team.

  • How to specify eco building products

    Vetting the green credentials of building products is difficult for everyone. We find out how the experts go about this tricky task.

  • Windows: In the frame

    Wondering which glazing is most suitable for your house and climate? Lance Turner and Dick Clarke introduce you to the delicate art of window selection.

  • Many happy returns

    Stuart McQuire and Wendy Orams were second in Australia to install grid connected solar and haven’t paid an electricity bill for 21 years. They speak to Kulja Coulston about their unflagging commitment to sustainability.

  • Building towards zero emissions

    Caroline Pidcock considers what zero emissions means for the housing sector.

  • Solar sizing latest

    Why you should ‘go big’ when sizing your PV system.

  • Gardening with stormwater

    Don’t let all the water go down the drain; use clever landscape design to keep your garden thriving with stormwater.

  • City cornucopia

    Anna Cumming enters the exciting world of urban agriculture, a movement that’s bringing food production back into the city.