Sanctuary Issue 43

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  • Teeny Tiny homes SPECIAL
  • 5 tiny-footprint homes where you can live well with less
  • A super-smart 30 square metre house for two
  • Off-grid pacific island style
  • Mudbrick barn reno
  • Gas versus electric appliances
  • Tassie trail architecture
  • Hip pocket energy retrofits
  • Hemp takes strides
  • Nightingale’s apartment gamechanger

Sanctuary is Australia’s only magazine dedicated to sustainable house design.

Sanctuary is published by the Alternative Technology Association, a not-for-profit organisation that enables, represents and inspires people to live sustainably in their homes and communities.

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Product Description

Issue contents:

Special: Teeny Tiny Triumphs

Five tiny footprint homes show what’s possible with a less-is-more lifestyle.

        • Less is more

          When a 30-square-metre footprint is enough.

        • Pitched perfect

          Compact and affordable in Geelong.

        • On cloud nine

          Borrowing a Japanese small home concept.

        • Collective wisdom

          A team effort for sustainable urban infill.

        • A marriage of minds

          A multi-function Sydney micro apartment.

House profiles:

        • Fancy formwork

          An ‘expandable’ hempcrete house provides a dynamic home base for an active family.

        • Raising the barn

          A mudbrick barn in central Victoria is converted into a pet-friendly, low-maintenance retreat.

        • Passion project

          Two Tassie tree-changers create a low-bill space to pursue their various passions.

        • Model solar home

          A house in Perth’s inner east provides a sustainable and efficient home for its recently retired owner.

        • Off-grid transformer

          A Hawaiian getaway demonstrates how size restrictions needn’t get in the way of a functional, flexible, lovely home.

Design focus:

      • When do investments in energy efficiency pay off?

        We ask two experts to find out, plus include a case study to show how a 0.8 Star unit was upgraded to achieve 8.4 Stars.

      • Refining the model

        The Nightingale model delivers affordable apartment communities with a firm triple bottom line of social, environmental and financial sustainability. What’s the secret?

      • Gas versus electric appliances

        Should you select gas or electric to fuel your new cooktop, heating or hot water system?

      • Design workshop: Slow transformation

        Paul Downton offers advice and a plan of action for how a beloved farmhouse can be upgraded for comfort and reduced energy use.

      • Perennial challenge

        The Merian Munjie Food Company is cultivating indigenous staple crops with the goal of achieving commercial-scale production.

      • Hike in quality

        Tasmania’s investment in architect-designed walkers’ huts is paying dividends for wilderness tourism and hiker comfort.

      • Hemp and the budding regenerative materials industry

        Building designer and hemp proponent Dick Clarke explains how it’s best used in housing and its role in regenerating local agriculture.