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Sanctuary Issue 49

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Backyard builds special

  • Eight inspiring house profiles, including five studios, secondary dwellings and sensitive backyard subdivisions around Australia
  • Designers offer dos and don’ts for getting your build or renovation right from the start
  • Architects Declare: why 500 Australian architects have declared a climate emergency
  • Why ceiling fans are the secret to feeling comfortable in any climate
  • Broccoli by subscription: community supported agriculture comes to Australia
  • Design workshop: architect Elizabeth Wheeler advises a Melbourne couple on how to transform their garage into a comfortable granny flat

Sanctuary is Australia’s only magazine dedicated to sustainable house design.

Sanctuary is published by Renew, a not-for-profit organisation that enables, represents and inspires people to live sustainably in their homes and communities.

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Issue contents

House profiles:

We visit studios, secondary dwellings and sensitive backyard subdivisions around Australia to explore density done well.

  • Southern success story
    A Passive House proved perfect for comfortable living in the challenging climate of Dunedin, New Zealand.
  • Mid-century modest
    Preserving the essence of a 1950s home in Adelaide was the key for this budget-conscious extension project.
  • Among the vines
    An off-grid Passive House provides comfortable no-frills accommodation on a vineyard in Gippsland.
  • Rich pickings
    Building a new, highly efficient home in their backyard brings a Melbourne couple satisfaction and sustainability.
  • Prefab prototype
    A little gem of a backyard studio was the testing ground for a larger project aiming for considered suburban density.
  • Living laboratory
    A two-apartment development on a small block in Fremantle demonstrates an alternative to endless sprawl.
  • Self-built studio
    Two young designers combined their skills and knowledge to create and build this modest home in the Adelaide Hills.
  • More with less
    In the Canberra suburbs, this compact, energy-efficient secondary dwelling will give a retired couple the opportunity to age in place.

Ideas & advice:

  • Get it right from the start
    Three design experts offer dos and don’ts for your sustainable build or renovation.
  • On the drawing board
    Architect Ben Callery describes what can be done to turn around ageing 1990s-era townhouses with a sensitive renovation.
  • Architects Declare
    Why Australian architects are taking a stand for the climate and biodiversity by declaring a climate emergency.
  • Design Workshop: Garage to granny flat
    Elizabeth Wheeler advises a Melbourne couple on how to retrofit the redbrick garage in their backyard into a comfortable ‘granny flat’.
  • Broccoli by subscription
    We explore the rise of community supported agriculture in Australia.
  • Fan club
    Don’t dismiss the humble ceiling fan as a low energy way to keep cool in style and reduce your air conditioning use.
  • Climate resilient homes
    Renew is spearheading a campaign to make our homes healthier, more affordable and more sustainable.